• 2020 Utila Family Week

    Last year we really loved our family vacation on Roatan, a Honduran island with awesome snorkeling and diving. This year we decided to go even further afield to a less well-developed, smaller island, Utila. It is still a Honduran island, but about one hour's ferry ride off Roatan. Some of us ferried, but others took a bumpy 45-minute small plane ride from the Honduras mainland to the island.

    Not a huge plane


    Mainland Honduras

    On the friendly island of Utila, we stayed at a lovely vacation rental house named Key Lime Casa (4 bedrooms) with a full kitchen and also rented an apartment in the house next door. Although these photos can't really capture all the different things our family did and enjoyed, especially the restaurants and shops we frequented (Mango Tango, RJs, bakeries and other food stands, grocery stores, golf cart shops, etc), they do capture a lot of the joy we shared and the beauty which surrounded us.

    On the first morning we explored the island on our golf cart.

    Ruddy Turnstones are beautiful when they spread their wings.

    On the way back through town we ran across these guys having pupusas and baleadas.

    And these guys. This guard cat was giving the evil eye to the swamp iguana trying to cross the wall into his back yard.

    At Bando Beach serious discussions were undertaken.

    We had our first snorkel and saw a large octopus and great coral and fishes off the Coral View dock.

    All had a good time.

    Back at the house

     we were settled in.

    Deck seating area

    One of us defies the wind and goes for an exploratory snorkel in front of the house. 

    Someone else joins in, possibly a Russian woman, not sure.

    This is a place for deep thoughts.

    Although we were walking distance from town, the golf cart came in very handy on a daily basis. Some of us took tuk-tuks, but those handle only two at a time.

    Approaching the uninhabited island of Water Cay.

    It was about a 15 minute boat ride from Utila. This is exciting.

    We're here!

    We stashed our stuff on a table that magically appeared.

    It had started as a rainy day, but the sun came out after we arrived.

    Post-snorkeling debriefing

    On the far side of the island was a white sand beach paradise.

    Two friends on a beach

    Action shot

    Love shot

    1104 being interviewed



    Just adorable

    Here's the whole group


    A certain someone couldn't get enough of this water paradise!

    Our boat captain Junior and his wonderful swimming helper, Evans showed us a  great and safe day!

    Back on Utila, this butterfly has a fake head. Zoom in to see.

    Pumpkin Hill climbing day. Here are some views.

    Four of our strongest and most adventurous members kayaked a canal all the way across the island of Utila, and then out to a small island on the reef. There,  they explored and snorkeled the reef. In this photo taken from Pumpkin Hill, you can see that little island far off on the reef. Zoom to see.

    I love this picture of our Pumpkin Hill exploration party.

    That afternoon it was off to Neptune's Restaurant, another short boat ride away.

    After a nice meal, we snorkeled on Neptune's beach.

    On the way back home one of us lost his hat to the wind going over the bridge... and bravely recovered it.

    Although it was a pretty windy and somewhat rainy week, it was one of the best weeks of my life. Good-bye, good Key Lime Casa and Utila.



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