• September 2017 Virginia Rails

    Cherry Creek State Park is a lovely park in the southeast Denver/Aurora metroplex. Over the 18 years I have been birding, I've been there scores of times. One of my favorite experiences has been to sit quietly on a bench at the end of the walk to the wetlands and watch the shallow water or Cherry Creek for rails and soras...and the odd Wilson's Snipe, Common Yellowthroat or other fun bird. This year, I went again and was rewarded with exciting views of two Virginia Rails after only about 10 minutes sitting unobtrusively on the bench. They are so close! It's just amazing. The cattails have really grown in throughout that wetland over the past 18 years, and now our open water viewing area has shrunk to an area of only about 40 sq ft and that is sort of sad, but I guess it's just nature. I still got what I went for at 7:30 in the morning.
    If you haven't had this glorious early morning experience, I wish it upon you now!
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    • Carol Blackard says...

      Thank you so much Wendy…great to hear from you. And, Leslee, I really appreciate your support!!

      September 28, 2017

    • Wendy Howes & Alan Rawle says...

      Alan checks out your blog from time to time & sent this post to me (Wendy). I have never seen a Virginia Rail look so beautiful! Stunning shots. Love # 3, the colors and textures are excellent. In fact, I haven’t see a Virginia Rail for quite some time. This makes me look forward to my next sighting.

      September 19, 2017

    • Leslee Waggener says...

      Beautiful photos Carol!

      September 17, 2017

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