• Migration Hits my Back Yard

    This tidy little bird showed up on my ground feeder last evening. It's a Clay-colored SparrowSparrow eating millet and is a new bird for our back yard.It's not rare in Colorado, but is usually seen a bit more to the east than the Denver area. It has been wolfing millet seeds like crazy and showed up this morning with two of its buddies.It has been a strange day at the ground feeder. All kinds of birds have been having a go at the millet even though they don't usually like it, and really don't have the equipment to pick up those little seeds and crack them, Blue Jays in numbers, a Common Grackle, even a Magpie. The sparrow has been drinking at the birdbath also. I wonder how long they'll stay. Here are a couple more pictures of this well-marked little bird. I like its gray neck collar.



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