• More of our October 12-16/2017 RV trip

    Lathrop State Park near Walsenburg in Southern Colorado was peaceful and the water  calm our first day out and there was still a bit of fall foliage against the lakes and the Spanish Peaks (Huajatolla).

    Chipping Sparrow

    Wasps must have had a Heckuva successful summer at Lathrop this year. Here's one of their architectural marvels down near the lake,

    out of which must have come a gazillion wasps. We had to usher out a good many from the RV...coming in through vents, or what? Fortunately, they were not aggressive and usually could be ushered out the door. 

    On our second day at Lathrop we were driven out by high winds so we went up to Mueller State Park where it was nippy, but calm and lovely.

    Around our campsite:

    Hairy Woodpecker

    Steller's Jay


    Mountain Chickadee - This one was acting like a Camper's Jay (of which we also had plenty), looking for hand-outs. He came very close to me several times. I'm sure he would have eaten from my hand if I'd offered that.


    We drove over to Eleven Mile Reservoir one day

    and saw these birds:

    A lone Sage Thrasher was enjoying the large number of flying insects near the water's edge. We were initially concerned the insects might bother us at our picnic lunch, but interestingly, they did not.

    There were Yellow-rumped Warblers, of course, also feeding on the insects.


    There were still Mountain Bluebirds around Spinney Reservoir,


    and it was good to see the resident free-roaming burros:

    On the day we searched out the cranes (previous blogpost), we also saw a few tired-appearing Horned Larks:



    Have you ever really watched Wild Turkeys eat. I was able to watch a flock of them at Mueller and noticed for the first time that they actually grab seeds off the stalks, not waiting for them to drop to the ground. 



    I am always amazed that you can, indeed, see a lot by looking!






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    • Leslee and Viola says...

      Love the photos!

      October 23, 2017

    • Carol Blackard says...

      Thanks, Bonnie. It was entirely spur-of-the-moment. That made it even more fun!

      October 22, 2017

    • Bonnie says...

      Love the pictures! Happy you got to go!

      October 21, 2017

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