• Trinidad and Tobago Parrots and Oropendolas

    Parrots are so lovely and I always imagine I'll get great photos, but that doesn't often happen. They're usually squawking across the sky (I called it the Parrot Parade) or skulking amongst the highest tree leaves. Anyway, here are my attempts:

    Tobago Orange-winged Parrot

    At least you can see the orange wing.

    Asa Wright rainy day - looks a bit dreary.

    Tobago....looking out from my patio/balcony.

    On this one you can see the yellow on top of his blue head.

    Green-rumped Parrotlets - There was a nice flock of these bright little guys flitting around down on the Aripo Savannah, apparently checking out these pipes for cavity nesting. Pretty far away!

    Crested Oropendolas were a thrill to watch, especially their bright blue eyes and long yellow tails in flight. Saw these at Asa Wright.

    Although we did see one long hanging nest above the driveway, it was unoccupied, and these Oropendolas did not seem to be doing their characteristic swinging acrobatics very much. Breeding season was just coming on in December.... maybe not in full swing yet, haha.  


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    • Norma Jenkins says...

      Great photos, and nicer memories of our trip to T and T

      February 07, 2018

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