• Trinidad and Tobago Euphonias and Tanagers

    I don't think you can top those Honeycreepers for the delicacy of their coloration, but Euphonias and Tanagers are not to be discounted either.

    Blue-Grey Tanager

    Palm Tanager on Trinidad

    Palm Tanagers on Tobago were quite friendly on Tobago and were often in the lobby of Cuffie River Lodge hanging on the "chandeliers". I thought they were more colorful than those on Trinidad.

    Silver-beaked Tanager female

    Another look

    Probably the best look I have of Silver-beaked Tanager female

    And the downright comical male Silver-beaked Tanager

    The White-lined Tanager was so hard to photograph! Black is hard.

    Another less-than-stellar trial on the Silver-beak

    The female Silver-beaked Tanager was sweet

    The Turquoise Tanager was a bear to photograph. Not a feeder bird. I got this one on a walk down the driveway at Asa Wright, but in the shade of the leaves. The one when it was on the bamboo shoots was just too far away.

    Violaceous Euphonia male


    Still noshing, but keeping an eye on me

    Female Violaceous Euphonea


    It's fun to reminisce.

    Next I'll move on to Jacamars and Trogons, see what I have there.



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