• Montezuma Quail - Arizona 2018

    Also known as Mearn's Quail, this elusive bird is a lifer for my husband and me, and very satisfying since we did not find it at any known feeder or watering site. It simply walked across the dirt road on the ranch property where we were staying and we saw it as we went around a curve. Fortunately this quail is unlike others in that it tends to hunker down when discovered instead of scurry off or flush easily into the air. This makes for satisfying opportunities for a photographer. Trouble is, it is a rare occurrence. We feel lucky, indeed.

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    • Leslee Waggener says...

      Lovely! As always, the best photos!

      June 21, 2018

    • Mary Cay says...

      Persistence pays off! Great photos.

      June 04, 2018

    • Jeanne says...

      That is a rare gift, very happy for you?

      April 25, 2018

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