• Trinidad and Tobago Motmots and Jacamars

    These long-tailed sparkling beauties were more common on Tobago than on Trinidad.

    Blue-crowned Motmot - this one perched outside our leader's back door each morning, and often called..."Woof...woof" and our leader called back. :)

    Looks like he's had a recent bath, but then again, it rained a fair bit.

    I caught this one (probably the same one) sunning himself in front of the Cuffie River Lodge on Tobago.


    And then the scintillating Rufous-tailed Jacamars every few feet! We were treated to many on the long walk we took around the perimeter of the Cuffie Lodge. My camera got kinda heavy on that hot, sweaty walk.








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    • Mary Cay Burger says...

      These photos bring back great memories

      February 05, 2018

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