• Woodpeckers and Antshrikes

    I'm a sucker for big woodpeckers, Pileated, Lineated, Pale-billed, Magellanic. Love them all. This one finally presented himself for a photo op near the end of our stay at Asa Wright...off to the left from the veranda.

    Lineated Woodpecker

    Anybody who's tried to photograph a woodpecker knows that one of the challenges is to catch it when it's not drilling away, jerking his head around. On this occasion I was thrilled to find a more calm subject, with only a few jabs thrown in. 

    This Lineated was interested in a second bird of his type in a tree to the right. That one was too far away and did not display itself for pictures.

    Golden-Olive Woodpecker - captured on the death march.

    Red-crowned Woodpecker male. Looks a bit like Golden-fronted, don't you think?

    Red-crowned Woodpecker, female. This male and female had a pecking interest in the bamboo...the inside is probably fairly easy to clear out for a cavity nest.

    Every now and then on the Asa Wright veranda, one could hear the call, "barred antshrike!" from someone on the left side peering into the close tree there.


    The female was gorgeous with her red crest, but didn't want to be photographed...by me, at least.



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    • Carol Blackard says...

      Yes, Norma…the memories are great. I hope you won’t mind being in one of my pictures of the walk down to the oilbirds!
      And Bonnie – yes, that Barred Antshrike is thoroughly barred. Thoroughly.

      February 10, 2018

    • Bonnie B says...

      Fantastic! How amazing is the barred antshrike!!

      February 09, 2018

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