• Trinidad and Tobago Trogons and Toucans

    We had Trogons galore on our trip, but they are tricky to photograph...usually in the shade and usually sit with their head in one focus plane and their body in another, so depth of field requires a smaller aperture...so again, less light. Sigh. Anyway, they are gorgeous and the images are really fun to look at in low resolution as they are here.

    Violaceous Trogon - The strongly barred tail (barely visible here) distinguishes from Green-backed Trogon

    Green-backed Trogon - Note the white under-tail.

    Green-backed Trogon female - Her eye ring is very slightly bluish (pretty hard to see), and that distinguishes her from a Violaceous.

    Collared Trogon - The white collar characteristic of this bird isn't visible here, but it was there.

    Toucans present challenges of their own...in our case they liked to perch high and far away. But they are the most interesting birds...those bills!!

    Channel-billed Toucan - a lifer for me! Gave me a chance on the last day at Asa Wright.

    Don't know why his tail is hooked up like that.

    Yes, I have a red rump.

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    • Kathy Wingert says...

      I loved your pictures of Trogans and Toucans. It was like reliving parts of the T%T trip again.

      February 10, 2018

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