• Colombia 2018 - Perijá

    The Perijá Mountain Range shared by Columbia and Venezuela was next in our journey northward. It is a bit remote and up out of the valley to almost 10,000 ft, so we transferred our gear and ourselves into two four-wheel-drive vehicles to get up there. This is Villa Adelaide, a lovely little place we stayed on the trip up.

    Rufous-capped Warbler

    Swallow Tanager

    Pale-breasted Spinetail



    Lodge with rudimentary rooms on the left. Wonderful family-style meals in the small dining area on one end. It was COLD up there. But, they did have hot water.

    The gardens were beautiful. 

    Rufous-naped Brushfinch

    Sparkling Violetear

    Blue-capped Tanager

    White-sided Flowerpiercer female

    White-sided Flowerpiercer male

    Sparkling Violetear at flowers

    Lacrimose Mountain-tanager

    White-banded Tyrannulet

    Columbia was a very clean country, very surprising to us, since other Central and South American countries seemed to have a lot of street and highway trash. There has obviously been a public service effort in and outside Columbian cities to promote proper disposal of trash. MUCH appreciated by us!

    Perijá Metaltail male

    Perijá Metaltail with red tail showing

    Crimson-mantled Woodpecker

    Tyrian Metaltail

    So happy to have just a wee bit of sunlight for some photos of this endemic bird.

    Blue-backed Conebill

    Slaty Brushfinch

    And just as the day was waning, along came the most special of appearances, a flock of about 5 Golden-headed Quetzals, calling constantly among themselves, posing helpfully in the fading light for a full 20 minutes, giving us photographers ample time to play.

    Montane Woodcreeper

    The next morning early, I got this little beauty... Black-crested Warbler.

    Lacrimose Mountain-tanager, a common bird where we were.

    Sparkling Violetear

    Nice ear flash.


    Andean Guan


    White-throated Tyrannulet

    Common Chlorospingus

    Next we visit northern coastal areas which I think I'll combine into one blogpost. See you then.      

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