• Trinidad and Tobago Honeycreepers

    The Asa Wright veranda viewing was heavy with honeycreepers...here's a sampling.

    Purple Honeycreeper, male

    Purple Honeycreeper, male and female

    Trees dripping with Honeycreepers. 

    Female Purple Honeycreeper

    Such a uniquely colored bird.

    Despite her lovely colors, she can still stay camouflaged when nesting.

    Green Honeycreeper

    Green Honeycreeper with his several blue/teal colors showing.

    Green Honeycreeper...lovely mandible.

    Green Honeycreeper

    Green Honeycreeper ogling something higher.

    Good old ubiquitous mobbing Bananaquits

    Red-legged Honeycreeper on Tobago fruit behind the Cuffie Lodge

     Next, Tanagers and Euphonias.


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    • Carol Blackard says...

      Thank you so much, Mary Cay. It’s cool we have these memories in common. What a unique experience it was!

      January 18, 2018

    • Mary Cay Burger says...

      Carol, You do beautiful work. It brings back great memories.

      January 17, 2018

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