• Steamboat Springs August 2017

    Colorado's Steamboat Springs and Routt National Forest is absolutely a treasure. If you haven't visited, get on it. When my husband and I camped in Dumont Campground on Rabbit Ears Pass in mid-August, we happened to be in a spot just across the campground road from a couple of bird magnet bushes plus the wildflowers were sensational. Earlier I posted my two prize photos (Townsend's Warbler and Orange-crowned Warbler), but in this post I'll offer a bunch of other photos that, although perhaps not of great value in terms of their beauty, are quite interesting. I think you'll see the variety of birds and sites we had just sitting in two camp chairs next to our RV. Sometimes we find the most variety by just sitting still.

    Here are a few scenes from Routt National Forest, including the Rabbit Ears.

      Dumont Lake


    Aren't these two snuggly juvenile Cordilleran Flycatchers the cutest?


     And how about this bedraggled little Ruby-crowned Kinglet. It was the strong wing-bar and his "flittiness" that gave away his identity.


     We saw a lot of White-crowned Sparrows,

    Chipping Sparrows,  

    Mountain Chickadees, 

    Dark-eyed Juncos,

    And Yellow-rumped Warblers everywhere you looked.


    And this must be a Lincoln's Sparrow. Speak up under "Comments" if you disagree.

    This bird had me going. I was thinking American Goldfinch, but now, in light of the very yellow vent and the slightly larger bill, I'm thinking Western Tanager lst year. Comments?  

    Baby American Robins seem to lack the dignity of the adult types.
    This female Wilson's Warbler found a caterpillar to eat.








    And, finally, here is a real winner for me..a first year Green-tailed Towhee, one of my very favorite birds. I guess the beautiful rufous head decoration will come later. 

    Happy Fall Birding to All!!

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    • Carol Blackard says...

      Hi, Samuel – I appreciate your comment. I looked at your very interesting blog and found it terrific. I don’t think I saw a place to comment, so I thought I’d do that here.

      September 28, 2017

    • Samuel A. Johnson says...

      These are beautiful photos. I do mainly butterflies and moths, but some birds as they present themselves. My birds aren’t as good as yours. I keep a blog at mountainbreakfast.wordpress.com

      September 12, 2017

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