• Trinidad and Tobago December 2017

    Trinidad and Tobago is a bit of a secret paradise...a tropical wonderland that is less "discovered" than some and happily not damaged by recent hurricanes. Hubby and I and a group of Audubon supporters enjoyed several days at the Asa Wright Nature Center on Trinidad and three more days at the Cuffie River Nature Retreat on Tobago.

    A highlight was a magical twilight boat ride in the Caroni Mangrove Swamp where we were treated to the evening flight of Scarlet Ibis returning from scattered feeding locations in the swamp to their favorite mangrove island for night roosting....all while sipping Asa Wright's world-famous Rum Punch! 

    Happy Holidays!

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    • Wendy Howes & Alan Rawle says...

      Hi Carol & Scott,

      We went there last December and had a blast! Hope you saw the Cuffie River potoo and didn’t have as bad a time with the chiggers as we did!

      Lovely photos!! Perfect color for this merry season. Thanks for posting.

      December 12, 2017

    • Mary Seward Horn says...

      Ohmygosh! They are astounding! Thanks for sharing!

      December 12, 2017

    • Becky Beckers says...

      Glad you had a good time. All the pictures sure make me want to go back again. Great blog – who knew you were an aspiring frustrated writer!!

      December 11, 2017

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